Some FAQs Regarding Yeast Infection Cures

Yeast infection bothers around 75 percent of men and women at least once in their lifetime. About 50 percent of women however face multiple infections in their lifetime. So, it is best to cure this infection at once. For, the infection tends to re appear if not treated properly.

Let’s find out some of the common queries or FAQs, regarding yeast infections and their cures.

Is there a natural cure for yeast infection?
You may take a few preventive measures to stay away from yeast infection. These include keeping genital areas as dry and clean as possible; managing stress and anxiety. But these habits can not cure your infection. If you are infected by yeast infection, you need to take a reliable medicine such as Yeastrol to cure the symptoms.

How Yeastrol is a reliable cure for yeast infection?
Yeastrol is an FDA approved homeopathic product, so you can completely trust on it. Thus Yeastril is an all natural and safe product, that gives you relief from Candidiasis with no side effects. It contains 12 safe and natural ingredients which work to keep the overgrowth and spread of Candida Albicans under control.

Can Yeastrol be used to cure only female infections? Or, it can be used to cure infection in both the sexes?
Yeastrol is a safe remedy, definitely effective for treating both male and female yeast infections. In fact, if your children are affected by yeast infection, you can use Yeastrol for them as well. But make sure that your child is above 12 years of age. If not, do not forget to consult a doctor before giving them Yeastrol.

Can pregnant women also use Yeastrol?
Yeast infections are common during the pregnancy. The vaginal infections left pregnant women under constant trouble during this time. Though Yeastrol is absolutely safe but lactating or pregnant women should also seek guidance from their doctor before using the product.

How to use Yeatsrol?
Well it is quite easy to use this medicine. You just need to spray it two times under the tongue for three days a week. You can spray this anytime as it doesn’t have any drowsy effect.

If I am on other medicine, can I still use yeastrol for yeast infecton?
Yeastrol spray is very safe and can easily be taken with other usual medicines.

Is there any diet that needs to be followed while taking yeastrol?
Well, this is completely optional. With dietary changes you may see the good results quite soon. Take 6-8 glass of water, it is otherwise also very healthy for you. Also, proteins, raw garlic, acidophilus, fresh vegetables, seeds, bran, rice, millet and nuts are a few other things that should be included in your daily diet. A few food items that should be avoided are antacids, alcohol, sodas, dried or fresh fruits and canned food. Adhering to these dietary changes while you are on Yeastrol would assure you a fast recovery from the discomfort of yeast infection.