What Is Impetigo the Contagious Skin Rash

Impetigo, the Skin Rash

Before you can begin to treat and cure impetigo, first one has to know what this skin condition is. What is impetigo exactly? It’s a bacterial infection on the skin. It is more common in young children, but can occur in any age group. It is a contagious skin condition which is caused by strains of the both the staph and strep bacterias. There are two different types of the skin disease one being the non bullous impetigo, and the other being bullous. While it is contagious, it is typically not a serious skin condition and leaves very little to no noticeable scarring.

What is Non Bullous Impetigo

Non bullous impetigo is the more common version and is caused by the combination of both the strep and staff bacterias. It is classified by the small, red bumps on the skin which are similar to insect bites. These bumps eventually become small blisters which finally begin to scab over. The crusts off the scabs easily flake off, leaving no sign that they ever existed. The whole process can take less than a week.

What is Bullous Impetigo

Bullous impetigo is slightly more severe, and is caused by the presence of only the staph bacteria. The bacteria causes the upper and lower sections of the skin to separate and blisters to form giving this condition it’s name. The blisters contain a clear, slightly yellow fluid when pierced. While this form is slightly more serious, it to generally clears up in a week or more also leaving little to no scarring.

Natural Remedies for Impetigo

If you are looking for a natural cure, than there are home remedies available other than simply washing with antibacterial soap. While washing with antibacterial soap is key in both cleaning while having the infection, and helping to stop the infection from spreading, there are other natural cures available. Garlic has long been used as a natural bacterial killer along with the application of tea tree oil. Both are well known as a homeopathic remedy. Another natural healer is aloe vera. Not only does aloe help to soothe red, sore skin, it also helps to prevent scarring.

Cure Impetigo Lightning Fast

Dr. Stephen Sanderson is also making headlines with his best selling Impetigo treatment eBook which promises a natural cure in as little as three days. In this eBook readers will find chapters on home remedies, proper bathing procedures, foods that help cure both types of impetigo and also foods to avoid. There are also helpful chapters outlining supplements and medications that help to effect a quick cure, along with ways to cure the fever and avoid the scratching often associated with the skin ailment.

While impetigo is not normally considered serious, it is uncomfortable and contagious. Since it is more common also in young children, parents are always anxious for a quick and safe cure for their children. There is relief and options to choose from to fit your lifestyle choices granting a safe and speedy recovery.